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Current Activity

             Two projects have been taken in the 11th Five Year Plan (2007-12) namely:-
  1. Creation of Scientific Aid Units of CFSL (CBI), New Delhi at the Metropolitan Cities like Mumbai and Kolkata and strengthening the existing unit at Chennai. (Nodal Officer Mr. JG Moses, SSO-I)

    Status:    Adequate infrastructure has been created at Chennai and required instruments have also been procured.

       For Mumbai and Kolkata Unit, space has been identified and waiting for the approval of competent authority to assign the work to CPWD.

       Recruitment of staffs are pending with UPSC

  2. Re-engineering of CFSL (CBI), New Delhi (Nodal Officer Mr. NB Bardhan, PSO)

    Status:    CPWD is yet to give estimate and design for the CFSL (CBI), New Delhi.
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