CBI arrests two con men posing as CBI senior officers
Press Release
New Delhi , 30-08-2011
The Central Bureau of Investigation has arrested two fake persons in Mumbai posing as CBI officials on the allegation that they were cheating & collecting huge amount of money from the general public, Business / Film personalities by posing as top ranking CBI officers and threatening them with arrest & search of their premises. Out of these two accused persons, one person, a resident of Village Hardia, Distt. East Champaran(Bihar) & Post Graduated in MBA(Marketing) had worked in various companies and the other person, a resident of Panipat(Haryana) used to run a sick hosiery manufacturing firm. Both the arrested accused are presently in custody.

The two accused posed as top CBI officers in Mumbai and collected huge amount of money from film personalities and business men. They also used to visit Ahmedabad and other parts of India to collect money by threatening businessmen and general public. Their modus operandi was to project before the general public that they have strong connections with senior officers of CBI, other local police officers, custom officers, Income Tax Officers and senior bureaucrats. They used to introduce their associates as senior CBI officers or government servants with whom some work is pending, and, would threaten people to shell out money for getting their work done.

It is alleged that the con men invested the proceeds of crime in real estate. CBI has seized Rs.28 lakh from one of the con men resident of Panipat(Haryana).

Further investigation is continuing.

CBI, ACB, Mumbai arrested two fake persons posing as CBI officials, Shri Ashwini Kumar Sharma and Shri Rajesh Ranjan on the allegation that they were cheating and collecting huge amount of money from the general public, the Business men/Film Personalities posing as top ranking CBI officers and threatening them with arrest and search of their premises. Both the above persons are arrested by CBI and are presently detained in custody.

We appeal to general public to inform CBI, ACB, Mumbai in the address mentioned below if they have any information or details regarding the above persons posing as CBI officials where they extended any threat or extorted money from them or from any other person known to them. The names of the informers would be kept confidential if they desired.

It is also informed that CBI does not investigate Civil matters and also matters related to interpersonal relations.


Address: Phone No. 022-22842816
Head of the Branch 022-22021524
CBI,ACB, 8108224455
Tanna House, 11-A N.P.Marg 022-22884433
Colaba,Mumbai- 400037. 022-22882794
Email: hobacmum[at]cbi[dot]gov[dot]in

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