Press Release
New Delhi , 09-09-2011

The Central Bureau of Investigation has located a boy who was missing for more than sixteen years.The Hon�ble Supreme Court of India directed the CBI on 14.01.2011 to trace the missing boy on the petition No.6560/2008 filed by his father Sh.A. Sayeed, a resident of Ramanathapuram Disstt. (Tamilnadu).

The Anti Corruption Branch of CBI Chennai took up the investigation to trace the missing boy. Investigation revealed that the boy was born on 20.11.1994 to Shri A. Sayeed and his partner, a National of UAE who had come to India alongwith him. After the birth of the child, Shri A. Sayeed left India on some employment. The mother, a foreign national, left the child with an unknown person and went to her country to join her parents without the knowledge of Shri A. Sayeed. Shri A. Sayeed when he returned to India, was unable to locate his son. Suspecting some foul play, Shri A. Sayeed approached various authorities including local Police but in vain. Finally, he knocked at the doors of the Apex Court which directed CBI to trace the boy.

During investigation, CBI identified some persons of Tamil Nadu who were working with the parents of his then partner in UAE. Sustained investigation led to one person employed as maid to his partner�s Parents.The maid was a native of Tamil Nadu and was available when the mother of the child was in Tamil Nadu. Investigation revealed that the mother, when she went to UAE to join her parents in 1995, had left the child with a family which was related to the maid servant in the pretext that the child was not having a passport. The family had fostered the son of Shri A. Sayeed for all these years , since no one had made any claim on the child.

Owing to sustained and meticulous investigation conducted by CBI, the boy was located and DNA tests confirmed that Shri A.Sayeed is the father of the said boy.