Press Release
New Delhi, 24.09.2014


       Director CBI today inaugurated 3-Day workshop at CBI (HQ), New Delhi on “Maritime Piracy” which include issues related to kidnapping, hostage-taking and terrorism-related activities. Addressing the august gathering, Director CBI Shri Ranjit Sinha stressed on the need for capacity building of the law enforcement agencies as crimes like piracy have multiple jurisdiction and requires a holistic and multi-disciplinary approach in tackling them.  While bringing out the salient features of the Piracy Bill, 2012 for suppression of piracy, criminalizing the act of piracy and to establish universal jurisdiction of Indian Courts on such matters, Shri Sinha hoped that the bill will be enacted by Indian Parliament soon.


        Speaking on the occasion, Mr.Martin Hanz, Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of Germany, New Delhi said that organized crime with a worldwide dimension and piracy in particular can only be fought effectively in an international context and by close cooperation within the international community. He said that this Workshop will provide an opportunity to exchange experiences, thoughts and ideas with a view to intensify cooperation and make the oceans of the world a safer place for international trade in a more prosperous future.

       The 3-Day workshop being organized by CBI & Federal Office of Criminal Investigation (BKA) Germany, will have 15 Sessions. The Sessions will be addressed by experts from BKA Germany; IDSA; UNODC; Indian Navy; National Investigation Agency; Coastal Security Group and Law Enforcement Agencies. Theme of various sessions will include ‘Role of UNODC in Maritime Piracy’; ‘Introduction of the Anti-Kidnapping Unit of the BKA-Structure, tasks, jurisdiction; Anti Piracy operation: A perspective of Indian Navy’; ‘Maritime Terrorism’; ‘Investigation & Supervision of maritime piracy’; Challenges faced by Indian Law Enforcement Agency’; Indian Legal & regulatory framework to combat maritime piracy and best practices in the field of Maritime Piracy’; ‘Introduction to the working Group on Piracy’; ‘International cooperation on Piracy’; Investigation in the case file’ and ‘Coastal Security: The Indian Experience’.

       More than 20 Senior officials of CBI, NIA and the State Police are participating in the 3-Day Workshop.  The resource persons for the Workshop are drawn from BKA Germany; Indian Navy; State Police; NIA; UNODC and IDSA.

       The aim of this Workshop is to share experiences & discuss various issues related to bi-lateral and multilateral cooperation in the joint endeavor to fight against maritime piracy

       The Inaugural Session of the Workshop was attended by officials from BKA Germany; Special Director Shri Anil Sinha and other senior officers of CBI.