Press Release
New Delhi, 08.10.2014


        Regarding queries of media on a news item published today in a National Daily titled "2G investigator contradicts CBI Chief", CBI wishes to clarify that this affidavit referred to in the news item was filed on 23.09.2014 with the approval of the Director, CBI as per the procedure prescribed in the CBI Crime Manual 2005. Hence the question of the Investigating Officer contradicting CBI chief does not arise at all.


         The news item has cited selective portions of the deliberations within the investigative agency between the Investigator, Supervisory Officers and the Law Officers with an intention to sensationalize with incomplete facts. The notings emanated from the comments and deliberations over a petition filed by the one accused against the order of the trial court framing the charges against the accused persons. These internal notings are six months old and never became part of judicial deliberations but have now been juxtaposed against an affidavit which has recently been filed in response to IA 75 filed by other accused It is, therefore, vividly clear that the context of the internal notings and the current affidavit are very different.


         The strength of CBI lies in open and frank discussions where a possible outcome is disagreement and the same is respected as part of the ethos of the organization which has given its credibility, integrity, reputation and international standing. A partial accentuation of comments/distortion of facts may not be in the interest of justice especially in a matter which is sub judicein the Apex Court and further which is inaccurate.


         The story has mixed up internal notings relating to a petition filed by one accused in the 2G case before the Hon'ble Supreme Court (which never became part of the judicial proceedings) with the consistent stand taken by the CBI as prosecuting agency before the 2G trial court which has now been unfortunately leaked to the Press.


         This has been apparently done to tarnish the image of the CBI and its Director and the functioning of the CBI and also to mislead the public and the Court regarding the facts of the case. This is also a deliberate attempt to project an impression of internal dissensions within CBI.


         CBI reiterates its commitment to its motto i.e. Industry, Impartiality and Integrity.