Press Release
New Delhi, 30.10.2014


            Regarding queries of Media on a news item published in National Daily entitled “Trail of Moin Quereshi’s text reaches CBI Chief :What’s the best time to meet boss?” dated 30th October 2014.


            It appears from the news report that the story is presumptive and conclusions drawn are speculative and based on inaccurate facts and is aimed at destroying the credibility of the CBI as an institution. It may also be noted that the matter is subjudice.


            Director CBI had already clarified to the correspondent that “the veracity of the logbook is dubious and has been contested in the court and the matter relating to Moin Qureshi has already been clarified by the Ld AG in the Hon’ble Supreme Court”. The same although had been published by the newspaper, however, the reporter has tried to draw his own conclusion instead of basing it on facts.


            CBI wishes to clarify that the organisation is not privy to the alleged BBM messages referred in the news paper report and drawing inferences to link them to Director CBI is at best a mere speculation. In this regard, CBI wishes to give point wise rebuttal as under:


            i) After completion of approved tenure, Sri V.V. Lakshmi Narayana, the then Joint Director CBI, Hyderabad returned to his parent cadre on 11th June 2013 and not in July 2013 as mentioned in the news story. It is not borne out of records that there was any move by the Agency for his extension as imputed in the news report.


            ii) Sri Koneru Rajendra Prasad, an accused in Emmar case, was released on bail on 12th August, 2012 on the orders of Hon’ble High Court whereas the News Item has reported that “his son Pradeep Koneru sought the help of Moin Qureshi to arrange meeting with ‘Boss’ on 20th May, 2013 for bail applications and discharge petitions of Sri Koneru Rajendra Prasad, his father and Sri Madhu Koneru, his brother”. It may be noted here that Sri Koneru Rajendra Prasad was out on bail about 09 months ago and Sri Madhu Koneru was never arrested in this case, although he was charge sheeted as an accused.


            iii) Moreover the relaxation in the bail condition sought by the accused was strongly opposed by CBI when it came up for hearing. However, it is for the Courts to decide on these matters and not the CBI.


            iv) Regarding the discharge petitions, Sri Koneru Rajendra Prasad filed discharge petition on 29th April, 2013 in the court and CBI has filed its counter reply against this discharge petition opposing the plea of discharge on 6th May, 2013 and the same is still pending for arguments.


            v) Similarly CBI filed counter reply against the discharge petition of other accused in the case as well and the same is also pending for arguments.


            vi) No attempt, as attributed, had been made by any of the CBI functionary to provide any ‘help’ to any of the accused in the case.


            vii) Other communications that have been reflected between two private persons are irrelevant to the news item.


            viii) A brief Chronological history of the case is placed here for records


            On the orders of the Hon’ble High Court of Andhra Pradesh dt.10-08-2011, a case was registered in CBI Hyderabad on 17th August, 2011 against M/s Andhra Pradesh Industrial Infrastructure Corporation (M/s APIIC); M/s EMAAR Properties PJSC, Dubai, and others.


            During the course of the investigation, Shri Koneru Rajendra Prasad, Director, M/s EMAAR Hills Township Private Ltd, was arrested on 3rd Nov, 2011 and released on bail on 2nd August, 2012 by the Hon’ble High Court.


            On completion of investigation, a charge sheet was filed on 1st Feb, 2012 against the accused persons including Shri Koneru Rajendra Prasad and Shri Madhu Koneru u/s 120-B, 409, 420, 477-A IPC, Sec.13(2) r/w 13(1)(c) & (d) and 15 of PC Act.


            A Supplementary Charge Sheet was filed on 23rd April, 2012.


            Final Supplementary Charge Sheet was filed on 15th Sept., 2012.


            Trial Court, Hyderabad has taken cognizance of the charges and the case is presently at the state of arguments by the defence advocates with regard to the petitions filed by the accused for discharge before framing of charges.