Press Release
New Delhi, 09.02.2015


         Director of Central Bureau of Investigation Shri Anil Sinha today inaugurated a week long Exclusive Training Program at CBI HQ, New Delhi on “Financial Offences & Cyber Crimes” for 20 officers from different Law Enforcement Agencies of 11 African nations. The focus of the training programme is “Investigation of Economic Offences and Cyber Crimes”


         Speaking on the occasion, Shri Anil Sinha, Director, CBI highlighted the transnational and multi-jurisdictional nature of economic and cyber crime which has emerged as one of the major challenges for the law enforcement agencies world-over.  Elaborating on the subject, he said, anonymity and connectivity of cyber world have enabled white collar criminals to exploit the financial systems from far away jurisdictions, which not only makes detection & prosecution of economic offences difficult, but recovery of the proceeds of crimes stashed in different nations become even more complex. He underlined the need for an efficient and dynamic capacity building programme and the need to have fresh look at the legislations and protocols to enable better international co-operation to tackle the emerging challenges in 21st Century. Giving example, Director, CBI spoke of the specialized investigative techniques including joint investigation being used to tackle organized crime network of human trafficking.


         Shri Sinha also spoke of exchange of best practices and various training programs being organized by the CBI Academy. He underlined “that the problems of today cannot be solved by using the skills and knowledge of yesterday” and hence urged the organizers and trainers to explore and experiment with new formats by reaching out to their international counterparts and domain experts in relevant areas in order to break the existing boundaries of thoughts and bring new understanding into practice.


         This special training program is being conducted by CBI Academy, Ghaziabad since the year 2010 for African nations under the aegis of  India Africa Forum Summit under the patronage of MHA and MEA.


         This inaugural session was attended by senior officers of CBI and the participants from various African nations. The countries which participated in the said programme include Tunisia; Comoros; Malawian; Tanzania; Ghana; Kenya; Ivorian; Mauritius; Lesotho; Seychelles; Botswana and represented by the senior officers, including Director General, Head of Group; SP; Brigade Chief; Cyber Crime Officer; ASP & other officials.


         The topics under discussion in this special training programmes include Criminal Intelligence in Financial Frauds; Frauds in Financial Sector with Emphasis on Investigation; Wild Life Crimes; Collection & analysis of Mobile Phone Data including Freeware & Commercial Software; Forensic Accounting & its use in detecting Economic Crimes; Counterfeit Currency & forgery of documents; Examination of Fraudulent Travel Documents; E-Banking Frauds & Online Financial Frauds; Overseas Investigation in Economic Crimes & role of Interpol; Anti Human Trafficking & other crime against women & children; Combating Drug Trafficking; Detection & Investigation of illegal trafficking in drugs; Financial Crime & its impact on Economy, Chit Funds Frauds and e-Marketing Frauds; Funding Mechanisms of World Bank Projects & their Monitoring; Internet Frauds relating to Economic Offences; Procedure & Practical on collection of CDR & CAF; Analysis of CDR & Cell Sites and Investigation of Money Laundering & Foreign Exchange related cases.