Press Release
New Delhi, 27.07.2015

         The Special Judge for CBI cases Patiala House Courts, New Delhi has today sentenced Sh. P.K. Thungan then Union Minister of State for Urban Development (GOI) to undergo 4 ½ years Rigorous imprisonment with fine of Rs. 10,000/- and three other persons i.e. Shri Tali AO to undergo 3 ½ years Rigorous imprisonment with fine of Rs. 4000/-; Shri C. Sangit to undergo 3 ½ Rigorous imprisonment with fine of Rs. 6000/- & Shri Mahesh Maheshwari to undergo 2 ½ Rigorous imprisonment with fine of Rs. 3000/-for causing alleged loss to Govt. Exchequer.


         This case was registered u/s 120 B, 419, 420, 467, 468, 471 of IPC and 13(2) r/w 13(1) (d) of PC Act 1988 on 01.01.1998 on a complaint alleging therein that during the course of investigation in another case (Housing Scam Case), a cheque book of SB account No.7770 of Vijaya Bank, Ansari Road, New Delhi in the name of another person was seized from the house of Sh. P.K. Thungan, then Minister of State for Urban Development, Government of India.


         Investigation revealed that Sh. P.K. Thungan had opened this account on 31.03.1994 in the false name and address of Sh. Prem Kumar. An amount of Rs.8 Lacs were credited in this account on transfer from another account no. 7798 which was opened in the said bank on 25.04.1994 by another person Sh. Mahesh Maheshwari in the false name of Thanu Thungan. This amount had originated from transfer of Rs. 9,98,500/- deposited in the a/c no. 7798 through a draft issued in favour of Thanu Thungan (false name) by the Irrigation & Flood Control Department, Govt. of Nagaland. It was further revealed that Sh. Mahesh Maheshwari was very close to Sh. P.K. Thungan. The said amount of Rs. 4 lacs was part of the Central Government grant of Rs.4 Crores sanctioned to the Government of Nagaland for renovation and upgradation of minor irrigation scheme in Nagaland. The proposal had been moved by Government of Nagaland by then Minister of Irrigation & Flood Control, Nagaland Govt. and Sh. P. Thungan had helped in getting the proposal sanctioned from Planning Commission.


         Investigation further revealed that Rs. 50 Lakhs, out of the first installment of Rs. one crore disbursed by the Central Government, was misappropriated by way of issuing work orders worth Rs. 30 Lakhs to Shri Tali AO and Rs. 20 lacs to other person. The said payments were allegedly made for supplying of sausage wire by these private persons to the irrigation department. The then SDO concerned had allegedly made false entries of receipt & issue of the said material in his records. Rs. 15 lacs was paid to then Minister of Nagaland & Rs. 10 lacs made their way to the fictitious account in the name of Sh. Tanu Thungan which was operated by Sh. Mahesh Maheshwari, businessmen friend of Sh. P. Thungan. Thereafter Rs. 8 lacs from this account was transferred to Sh. P. K. Thungan in the name of Sh. Prem Kumar.


         After thorough investigation, a charge sheet was filed in the Designated Court, Delhi on 03.07.2003 u/s 120 B, 419, 420, 467, 468, 471 & 409 of IPC and Section 13(2) r/w 13(1) (c) (d) of PC Act 1988 against Sh. P.K. Thungan; then Chief Manager, Vijaya Bank; Sh. Tali Ao, Sh. Sangit Ao and Sh. Mahesh Maheswari. Further, five officials of Govt. of Nagaland including then Minister of State, Irrigation & Flood Control, Nagaland were kept in column no. 2 of the charge sheet.


         During the course of trial CBI had examined 26 Prosecution witnesses in the case. On 21.07.2015, the Special Judge, CBI Cases Patiala House Courts, New Delhi convicted the S/Sh. P.K Thungan; Tali AO; Sanjit AO & Mahesh Maheshwari and fixed 27.07.2015 for hearing on sentence.


         The Court also took cognizance against remaining four persons including then Minister of Govt. of Nagaland and trial in respect of these persons will commence in due course. The then Chief Manager, Vijaya Bank was discharged by the Court.