Press Release
New Delhi , 18.11.2015

           The Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi today said that there is excellent and proactive cooperation between Interpol and Indian investigative agencies resulting in tracking of many fugitive criminals and their subsequent deportation or extradition. He added that he would like this cooperation to deepen. Further, the Prime Minister applauded CBI for effectively assisting the Indian law enforcement agencies and their foreign counterparts in overcoming the barriers that complicate the exchange of investigative information.  Shri Modi talked of the CBI making use of Interpol tools and databases for securing greater cooperation amongst law enforcement organisations throughout the world.

            The Prime Minister was inaugurating the 6th Global Focal Point Conference on Asset Recovery at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi, today. In his speech, Shri Modi mentioned the process of establishing International Centre of Excellence in Investigation in Ghaziabad. This Centre will render world class certified courses on Investigation and Prosecution at specialised and emerging domains of crime including cybercrime to the law enforcement community of India and abroad.  A centralised Technology Vertical to focus on combating new age crimes like cyber crime, is also being planned, he added.

            Emphasising on the steps taken by the government to check corruption and the menace of black money, the Prime Minister spoke about the constitution of Special Investigation Team under the supervision of the Supreme Court to look into the issue. He further observed that the government had entered into agreements with many countries for exchanging real time information on black money. Moreover, the government had signed Inter Government Agreement with the United States  to implement the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act.  This agreement enables Indian tax authorities to receive financial account information of Indians from foreign countries on an automatic basis, he added.  The Prime Minister hoped that the partnership between Stolen Asset Recovery Initiative StAR and Interpol will help in confiscation and recovery of stolen assets and this Conference will go a long way in elimination of safe havens for the proceeds of corruption and help build secure exchange platforms for recovery of criminal assets.

            Touching on the steps taken to make bureaucracy more efficient, performance- oriented and accountable, the Prime Minister reiterated that the government is committed to ensuring probity among public servants and to protect them from frivolous allegations. Equally, the government is unsparing when it comes to punishing the corrupt.  He informed that so far, 45 senior officers of various services have been removed and their pensions cut for unsatisfactory performance and delivery in public service.

            Speaking on the occasion, Director CBI, Shri Anil Sinha said that We are moving ahead to shape the CBI to the needs of the 21st Century India.  Our vision is of a CBI that is knowledge and technology driven and benchmarks itself with the leading law enforcement institutions to the world.  He informed the audience that towards this end, CBI has sought the support of the government in setting up international centre of excellence in investigation, an advanced technology vertical and a forensic laboratory with world class capabilities. He further noted that CBI is trying to equip its officers with the capacity to handle the latest technology tools efficiently and effectively. CBI has already inked MoUs with institutions of international repute for inter-disciplinary and inter-sectoral training as well as capacity building programme for its personnel. He further thanked the Secretary General of Interpol Mr.Jurgen Stock, Interpol and all the organizers of World Bank, UNODC and US Department of State for giving CBI the opportunity to host this conference. 

            Secretary General, Interpol Mr.Jurgen Stock emphasised the idea of viewing the world as one family and stated that, now more than ever, this one family must stand united in its efforts to prevent the repetition of what has happened against humanity  in Paris on 13th of November, 2015 or in Beirut and Ankara recently  or in Mumbai in 2008. The living idea of Interpol is to connect police forces across borders, across different countries, across different political views, across the world to keep the family safe.

            Mr. Stock complemented the outstanding cooperation with India since it became an Interpol member country in 1949.  He thanked CBI for their efforts in nurturing this relationship over so many years.  He assured that Interpol will strive to do what is necessary to meet the needs of its Member countries, such as supporting cross border initiative in the realm of asset recovery.

            This Conference is being attended by 48 delegates from 34 Member countries.  There are 22 Organisers & Panelists from International Organisations; Interpol; Europol; World Bank; UNODC; STAR; RRAG and CARIN

            On the occasion, the Prime Minister also gave away Presidents Police Medal for Distinguished Service to eleven CBI officers, namely Shri Arun Kumar Sharma, IPS, Joint Director(HoZ), CBI, BS&FC  Zone, New Delhi; Shri Tapan Joyti Ghosh, ASP, CBI, EOW, Kolkata; Shri Kadayam Subramaniam Nageswaran, Inspector, MDMA, Chennai; Smt. Nina Singh, IPS, Joint Director( HoZ), CBI, STF, New Delhi; Shri Rajwinder Singh Bhatti, IPS, Joint Director (Hoz), CBI, SC, New Delhi {Now Joint Director(Policy), CBI, New Delhi}; Shri S.B.Sankar, ASP, CBI, EOW, Chennai; Shri Balbir Jain, Dy.SP, CBI, Policy Division, New Delhi; Shri Purandar Routray, ASI, CBI, ACB, Bhubanesbhwar;  Shri Rajeev Kumar Sharma, IPS, Joint Director (HoZ), CBI, BS&FC (Now EOZ-I), New Delhi; Shri Ram Chander Garvan, Dy.SP, CBI Academy, Ghaziabad & Shri Abdul Aziz, Inspector, CBI, ACB, Chennai (Now Inspector CBI, ACB, Cochin).