Press Release
New Delhi, 19.10.2016


         The Annual D.P.Kohli Memorial Lecture to be held tomorrow in Zorawar Hall, Manekshaw Centre, Dhaula Kuan, New Delhi, will be delivered by Mr.Bob Paulson, Commissioner, RCMP. The subject would be “Law Enforcement in the 21st Century”. D.P.Kohli Best Detective Constable Award would also be presented on the occasion.

          The prestigious D.P.Kohli Memorial lecture is organised annually by the CBI in honour of its founder Director,late Shri D.P. Kohli. He was the Head of Special Police Establishment and Central Bureau of Investigation from 1955 to 1968. CBI was put on a firm footing in his tenure by extending its activities and converting it into an efficient instrument of crime investigation. Shri Kohli was a visionary who sowed the seeds for the evolution of CBI into an effective and vibrant organisation. It was on account of his vision that CBI today enjoys the reputation of professionalism and fairness and has the confidence of all sections of society.

             Commissioner Mr.Bob Paulson joined the RCMP in 1986 in Chilliwack, British Columbia. Prior to joining the RCMP, Commissioner Paulson served for almost seven years in the Canadian Armed Forces. Commissioner Paulson became the 23rd Commissioner of the RCMP on November 21, 2011. He has worked in different capacities in areas of major crime, aboriginal & community policing, investigation of serious & organised crime etc.

              The Central Bureau of Investigation was established by a Government of India resolution dated 1st April, 1963when a need was felt for a Central Police Agency which could investigate not only cases of bribery and corruption, but also violation of Central fiscal laws, major frauds relating to Government of India departments, public joint stock companies, passport frauds, crimes on the high seas/on airlines and serious crimes committed by organized gangs and professional criminals.

            CBI was further strengthened by addition of an Economic Offences Wing, a Food Offences Wing(to collect intelligence regarding hoarding, black marketing, smuggling and profiteering in food grains and take up cases having inter-state ramifications in view of the situation prevailing at that time). The Food Offences Wing was merged into the Economic Offences Wing later.

             In the last more than five decades, the Central Bureau of Investigation has evolved from an anti corruption agency to a multi faceted, multi disciplinary central police law enforcement agency and emerged as a premier investigating agency of the country.

             The Central Bureau of Investigation today is not only prominent in the field of investigation & prosecution, but also in international cooperation in law enforcement. Over the years, illustrious speakers have addressed on subjectsof immense significance and good governance in the D.P.Kohli Memorial lecture.