17th D.P.Kohli Memorial Lecture held in New Delhi today

  • Transnational criminality requires a transnational response - Commissioner RCMP

  • CBI committed to forge stronger partnerships with State law enforcement agencies with new technology based joint investigation platforms –Director CBI

Press Release
New Delhi , 20.10.2016

           The 17th D.P.Kohli Memorial Lecture was delivered by Mr.Bob Paulson, Commissioner, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, here today. He spoke on 21st Century Police Leadership. Mr Paulson said that transnational criminality requires a transnational response. In a lecture given through a power point presentation, he talked of the strategic priorities of RCMP and discussed the characteristics of strong leaders as well as interest based leadership. Commissioner Bob Paulson joined the RCMP in 1986 in Chilliwack, British Columbia. Prior to joining the RCMP, Commissioner Paulson served for almost seven years in the Canadian Armed Forces. He has worked in different capacities in areas of major crime, aboriginal & community policing, investigation of serious & organised crime.

        Speaking on the occasion, Director CBI, Shri Anil Sinha stated that CBI is in the final stages of initiating the establishment of three world class institutions - the International Centre for Excellence in Investigation (ICEI), a Centralized Technology Vertical (CTV) with advanced capacities in big data analytics, Forensic Accounting and Digital Forensics and a State of Art Forensic Science Laboratory covering all 17 forensic disciplines under one roof.

           Shri Sinha said that in the coming years, these institutions will furnish cutting edge knowledge support leading to a quantum leap in the human resource, technological and forensic capacity of CBI and will also be available to other Law Enforcement Agencies of the country, South Asia and ASEAN Region. These efforts will substantially contribute to improving the delivery of justice for the citizens. Time has also come in India to enhance use of technology in trial processes and undertake comprehensive simplification of procedural laws to expedite the delivery of justice, he added.

           Shri Anil Sinha said that CBI recognises & respects the immense trust reposed by the public and courts in seeking investigations by the CBI. However, CBI cannot substitute the role of state law enforcement agencies and is, therefore, equally committed to forging stronger partnerships with state law enforcement agencies by developing new technology based joint investigation platforms. Director CBI further stated that even as we continue our quest for modernization and strengthening law enforcement, the key element in shaping institutions is leadership in every level and more so at the apex level.

          The D.P. Kohli Memorial Lecture is a seminal event in the annual calendar of CBI. This is also an occasion for all ranks of CBI to pay homage to its founder Director, Late Shri Dharamnath Prasad Kohli, whose vision and ideals continue to inspire the members of this Organisation. Shri Kohli not only laid its foundation but also nurtured its core values and culture during its formative years from 1955 to 1968. It is a glowing testimony to his stellar contribution that today, the CBI is a premier institution in the field of investigation, prosecution and international law enforcement co-operation.

         The other dignitaries present on the occasion were Vigilance Commissioners Shri Rajiv & Dr.T.M.Bhasin. Former Directors of CBI also attended the lecture. Special Director CBI, Shri R.K.Dutta, proposed the vote of thanks