Press Release
New Delhi, 18.07.2017

The Central Bureau of Investigation has arrested a Member Secretary (An IFS Officer), Chandigarh Pollution Control Committee in a bribery case of Rs.One Lakh

A case was registered on 17.07.2017 under section 7 of PC Act, 1988 against the Member Secretary, Chandigarh Pollution Control Committee, Chandigarh on a complaint from Proprietor of private firm. It was alleged that a Show Cause Notice was issued/served to the complainant by said public servant regarding revoking of consent issued to the complainant earlier on 06.12.2016. After having received the said Show Cause Notice, the complainant met the Member Secretary several times to explain his version but the said public servant did not hear him properly. It was also alleged that the complainant alongwith three other persons, with similar issue, met the Member Secretary for the said purpose and during the meeting, the public servant demanded bribe of Rs.50,000/-each for not taking any adverse action. However, subsequently, the alleged bribe amount was reduced to Rs.25,000/- each i.e. total Rs.One Lakh from four businessmen including the complainant, who was asked by the Member Secretary to deliver the said bribe amount..

CBI laid a trap and caught the accused red handed while demanding & accepting bribe of Rs.One Lakh. Search was conducted at the residence of accused in Chandigarh which led to recovery of cash of Rs.Two Lakh(approx) and certain documents pertaining to properties & bank accounts.

The arrested accused is being produced today in the Court of Special Judge, CBI Cases, Chandigarh.